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Lisa Prather

Lisa Prather is the Vice President of Operations at Nightlight Christian Adoptions.  Lisa has been working in the field of adoption for over 10 years.  Lisa is a licensed social worker and previously worked in the areas of therapeutic foster care and child protective service for 9 years,  She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and a graduate of the University of Kansas, with a Master's Degree in Social Work.  Lisa has adopted by her step-father at the age of 4 years old and has had a heart of adoption since her childhood.  Lisa desires to bring awareness to the issues important to adopted children.

Ronald Stoddart

Ron has been involved in adoption for almost 40 years, first as an adoptive parents, then as an attorney specializing in adoption, as the President of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, and now as an attorney and adoption advocate.  Earlier in his career, he coordinated police recruitment for the Los Angeles Police Department, worked as a management consultant for KPMG and helped build and take public a company in the medical field (Omnimedical).  Ron was married for 52 years before losing his wife to cancer in 2016.  He has 4 children - two adopted - and 7 grandchildren.  He currently lives in Loveland, Colorado.

David Schunk

David Schunk is graduating from Champlain College with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Networking & Cyber Security this year.  He was a member of the founding committee back in 2014.  David has since been involved with many adoption advocate groups as well as creating a fundraising project for his orphanage in Russia during his years in college.  David continues to get more and more involved with adoption policies within the United States.  His dream is one day Russia will lift the ban for US citizens to adopt Russian children.  David currently lives in Colchester, Vermont.

Allison Cass

I am the Domestic Program Coordinator for the Oklahoma office of Nightlight Christian Adoptions.  I work every day with adoptive families and birth parents.  My favorite part of my job is helping create families by being with them in the hospital when a baby is born and being placed for adoption.  I enjoy counseling with birth parents on their decision and celebrating with adoptive families when their dream of becoming parents is realized.  I have always loved adoptions.  I've seen it bring families together many times.  It brought my family together.  My parents adopted me when I was six weeks old.  My birth mother placed me when she was seventeen and in high school.  My parents always celebrated the fact that I was adopted and they told me I was the answer to their prayers.  I hope I can be involved with adoptions for the rest of my life.

Catherine Cross

Catherine is both an adoptee and has herself given a child up for adoption.  As such, she brings a poignant, realistic, yet altogether positive perspective on the aspect of adoption.  She was the product of two teenage birth parents, and, due to the bureaucratic nightmare that was the country-run adoption system back in the 1960's, languished in foster care until age 3.  She was adopted by a nurse, and was raised in a wonderful home.  However, scars from her early life led to some poor life choices, and she found herself pregnant at age 19.  However, she recognized that the life of HER daughter could have a vastly different outcome than what her early life had been.  She selected the parents she wanted to adopt her newborn child.  She and they collaborated and created an adoption plan that all parties were happy and comfortable with.  

It was this experience that formed the impetus for Catherine to want to help facilitate change for both the perception and reality of state and country-run adoption services and foster care as it currently exists.  She graduated from Whittier Law School, and was a Children's Rights Fellow.  She is the proud mother of the daughter she gave up for adoption (who is 29, and engaged to be married!), and two beloved sons, ages 14 and 17.

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